How much does a NatHERS assessment cost?

How much does a NatHERS assessment cost? - Goal Zero Thermal

Nathers Assessment Cost Can’t get a straight answer as to how much a NatHERS assessment will cost? Why do assessors always want to see the house plans before providing a quote? In this blog, we look at the key reasons why prices can vary so much between different house designs. Complexity of design: Not surprising, […]

Unexpected Energy Rating Killers – Nathers

Glazed Window Basix Certificate - Goal Zero Thermal

Introduction: Have you ever designed a house that looked amazing, but didn’t perform as well as expected from a thermal performance point of view and you couldn’t work out why? Was your NatHERS assessor able to discuss with you why your home fell short? In this blog we discuss three design features that are lesser known energy […]